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Note / Discussion about G-Key Delays


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After a bunch of testing with Different Icue Versions etc, I think I found out how to eliminate the delays.

If you check "Retain Original Key Output" combined with Remaps for the keys (Instead of Macros), then it will output the original function of the key first, before any other actions you have applied on ICue.

This results in an instant execution of the Remap, and works great in Apex Legends.

I'm currently using Version 3.38.61 on Windows 10 (as 4.14.179 introduced its own issues with the whole application hanging; not great when you're mid-fight!).

Anyone else had these delays, and know of any other fixes I could try? Cheers!Remaps2.thumb.PNG.c3db958d23a200fc6a16b383afe500c9.PNGRemaps1.thumb.PNG.6948a1622e999820aa9de4128747a769.PNG


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Additionally; If VSync is disabled it further reduces any input lag, so if you're using RivaTuner anyway to cap FPS / Eliminate tearing then it's best to leave that off.

These issues only seem to happen with Apex; haven't tried extensively yet with no VSync on SWTOR, Halo etc. but I'd recommend setting a similar environment up. Hope this helps anyone with the same issues, happy gaming!

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