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xg7 waterblock for MSI Ventus thermal pad specs / problem


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so i ordered my xg7 for my 3080ti direct from corsair and it arrived yesterday.
Got it assembled and put into my system and just got black screens, and i assumed it was a driver issue .

after making no progress i decided to drain my loop and take the block apart to investigate.
well what i found was the thermal pads were making great contact with everything but the die of the gpu was not contacting the coolong plate and was not covered by the pre applied thermal paste.

As a test i removed the thermal pads around the vram chips and set the card back on the block.....we have contact with the die.

It seems corsair are using 1mm thermal pads keeping the die from making contact with the block, so i have ordered 0.5mm pads and they should be here tomorrow.

can someone from corsair please confirm what spec of thermal pads should be on the block please ? I need to get my rig back online by thursday so any help would be appreciated

here are some pics






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the thermal pads on the far edges ( L&R) arent even making contact at all with the vrms

So im guessing 0.5mm pads for the vram  and 2.5mm thermal pads for the vrms

If only corsair could confirm this for me please

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34 minutes ago, Corsair GregX said:


All thermal pads on the Ventus GPU block should be 1mm thick. 

I would suggest opening a support ticket. Our tech support will be able to assist better and proceed with additional checks to determine the origin of the issue.

hey greg, i already opened a ticket last night and still waiting for help
in the interim i have ordered a range of thermal pads from amazon 0.5, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm to figure this all out tomorrow once they arrive.
as for the 1mm thick pad spec -  this is what i have here and what was supplied for this particular card nothing fits with those pad thicknesses.
for clarification i have the cx-9020014-ww for the msi rtx 3080 ti ventus - it may work for other cards the block fits, however, for my make and model of card its all wrong, wrong - £45 in thermal pads is expensive

maybe corsair data for this card is incorrect- might be worth investigating

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a bit confused with your last phrase ^^

What do you mean about your particular make and model of card ? It's an MSI Ventus ?

Did you screw the block fully ? the pads don't seem to have been compressed much on the memory chips. You don't need to overtorque, but screw until you feel the standoffs make contact with the PCB, in a cross pattern.

Often, the pads will look like squishing out like doe when looking from the edge of the card. when properly compressed.

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i had all the screws torqued  tight that they wouldnt turn anymore

as for my last statement, this model of xg7 fits more models than the 3080ti ventus - those pads are maybe fine for those cards but in this case , not so much.

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well this journey has been quite the roller coaster.

i finally changed the thermal pads for different ones and the results are impressive

to get to these results ive had several discoveries.

1. i initially swapped the vram thermal pads for 0.5mm thermal take odessey and 1.5mm pads on the vrms
   this gave me really good cpu temps but 90'c vram temperature, which i wasnt happy with.

i compared some gelid 1.0mm pads with the once supplied by corsair and they measure 0.9mm and are softer , allowing more squish ( shore hardness scale)

2. i fitted the gelid 1.0mm thermal pads to the vram chips and boom, i have perfect temps all round as per the picture below

i used arctic mx-4 thermal paste on the die  and this is what i have achieved.

It seems corsair may have thermal pads that are too hard and dont allow any squish which prevents the die from making contact, this is fixed by using gelid 1.0mm thermal pads. Thermal pads for the vrms supplied are nowhere near thick enough and need to be 1.5mm to ensure good contact


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I have the same problem with the 3080TI FE and its block. The pads are keeping the die not completely adherent to the plate and this is a big ******** up from Corsair. Has anyone came back to you from their customer support?

I've tried your solution as well and using the 1mm pads from gelid I just don't have any touch at all. I've now ordered 0.5 to  see if that works but if it doesn't I will have to return the block and ask for a different one (thank God I have it from Amazon).

This really sucks I really cant believe this piece has been engineered so poorly.

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Hey, I had this EXACT same issue. Tried tons of things trying to figure out why i kept crashing 10 seconds after boot. After days of trying different crap, i pulled a card from my wifes machine and tried it in mine, (this was after draining my loop 4 times.), was able to boot fine with that card, no crash or black screen. So i took apart the card and noticed there was 0 thermal paste on die. Checked it more and it's clear it's not making contact. Anyway, thank you for the post. Looks like i'm finally at the end of this ordeal. Really loved corsair's response in ignoring this and telling you to contact customer service, so I would be stuck dealing with this exact issue months later. 🙂 Combined with the numerous other issues I've had doing this, I don't think I'll be doing another water cooling build with corsair. 

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Update : Confirmed, this was the issue. No water or anything going through the block, stayed in bios for 2 minutes before i powered it off myself. Previous time was about 10 seconds and it would go black screen by itself. (time stamps might seem sus, I had already found this post awhile ago and ordered this stuff. Had to re find this post to follow the above picture. Here is an image of the left over thermal pads. 


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Do you guys happen to know what the dimensions are for this block?  I've been looking everywhere on Corsair's site but can't find anything.

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did you screw the block fully? you are supposed to make contact with those standoffs. 

Those pads don't look that mushed. usually they end up well compressed and deformed all around with a firm imprint of the memory chips.

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I tried to tighten screws harder, but contact was almost the same. My solution was to wipe existing thermal paste and put a lot more, so even if not all chip surface would have direct contact it would have contact through thermal paste. I am not crashing now but my temps are 70-80 in GPU hot spot under load! (I have 3 360 radiators!) Now after seeing your post, I ordered thermal pads and I hope they will help! Thank you for this information!


P.S: When I saw that corsair have pre applied thermal pads I thought - "Great I would have one problem less". Actually, it turn out to be a huge headache :(

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