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H100i fan stuck on single color

Party B.

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Hello everyone, 

Recently one of the fans on my h100i stopped working properly. When i had icue 3 installed the fans wouldn't even show up in the devices tab anymore, only the pump would show. One of the fans works fine and still changes colors when i put a different preset. The other one however only a few led's in the centre work properly and sometimes a few on the side.


In this case most of the leds were stuck on static rainbow colors.

I tried reinstalling icue 3 and downloaded icue 4 but neither changed anything.

I've had this issue before but usually restarting my pc would help, but now restarting doesn't seem to change anything anymore

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How is the lighting channel on the cooler configured? Can you do a screen cap of the Lighting Setup and post here?

The fans don't 'show up' in the device tab. I'm not sure what you are expecting to see here. But you do need to tell iCUE what fans you have on there. If that is correct, then the other option is a bad fan. Try switching them on the RGB ports (swap them around) and see if the issue moves with the fan.

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