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XH305i with Asus Rampage VI Extreem Encore

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I still only have 1Hydro X Series XH305i I'm putting in Thermaltake Tower 900 on my CPU only, Asus Rampage VI Encore(Armoury Crate).
Here is what's happening:
1) When I plug XD5 (4 wire plug)  into Commander Pro to FAN6 my flow goes from 5 LPM> 0 LPM The pump stops running, weird! This pump has 3 wires that come out the bottom 2 are tied in to power supply the other (4 wire plug) is the one I try to plug into Commander Pro. 
2) I plug XD 5 Female wire (with extension plug) from top of pump to LED2 I don't get any light to XD5 I did not use the XC7 I used a : Barrowch ASUS ROG R6E R6A X299 motherboard integrated water block
3) My XD 305i came with 3= QL 120 fans:  the ring around fan 1 only half the ring lights around the outside of the fan and the fan itself is fully illuminated. The other 2 QL 120 fans light completely. 
Do I need to do something special to get Armoury Crate to run with ICUE? 
Thank You 
Brian Citrano
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