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CMPSU-1000HX PCIe connectors


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Hi there,


I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what connectors are needed for the CMPSU-1000HX powers supply. I know it's quite old, but I'm just needing to buy some PCIe connectors.


I can see on the Corsair website they sell Type 3 PCIe connectors but unsure if they will fit this PSU.


Any recommendations are appreciated!

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It'll depend on which edition of the HX you have.


It sounds like you have this version of the HX: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/Professional-Series™-HX1000 –-80 PLUS®-Certified-Modular-Power-Supply/p/CMPSU-1000HX. I think that's the HX (Bronze and White) in the list.

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Hi DevBiker, 

Yes you are correct, the link to the CMPSU-1000HX is the one I have. From the compatibility list you linked, it'd pretty confusing what exact model of HX they are talking about (there have been many models that don't exactly say the colour e.g. like mine). 

If mine does fall under the "Original HX only — PCIe" cable needed, would you know if there are any places around that would sell them?


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