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First Custom Loop With XD5/XC7/XR5


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Hi all,

I'm about to make my first custom loop just water cooling my CPU. Further down the line if all goes well I'll add my GPU to the loop as well.

I was wondering if anyone had any pointers to extra fittings I would need looking at my current basket?




I'm going with a larger pump/rad than what would typically be required for just a CPU, but if I ever do add my GPU to the loop at least I'll have the capacity.

My concerns are if I have enough 90 degree fittings etc. But keep in mind I'm going with soft line tubing for now, I feel like it's a lot easier for a beginner.


Any suggestions, I'd be grateful! 


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You are going to need another 2 compression fittings.  Minimum possible will be 4 (2 for CPU ports, 2 for pump in/out) and then another 2 for the radiator.  If that is the 4 pack and you have 8, then you are good to go.  I can't see the SKU.

You may or may not need the 90s, or 45s, or any of the things that come into play when you start to put the hardware in and don't like how the tubing runs from point A to B.  The good news is this always can work with just the compression and the soft tubing since you can freely curve it.   The larger you case, the less likely you have to compromise and can do whatever you want with the pathways.  The smaller your case, the more likely you are to need 90s, 45s, or a larger dose of creativity.  The CPU block is fixed position and the pump probably can only be turned 1 of 2 ways to make it viable.  

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Actually, you'll need a total of 9 fittings.

2 => XC7

2 => XD5

2 -> XR5

... that's a total of 6.

Next ... you'll need:

1 => To connect to the pump for the drain.

1 => To connect the ball valve to the drain tube

1 => To connect your drain hose to the ball valve.

... and that brings you to 9.

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Or a male to male G 1/4 fitting if you want to connect the ball valve directly to the pump. You would then attach the Barb end of a compression fitting only when you want to drain it. Large ball valve drains can be tricky to fit. I often forgo them entirely in a soft tube build, but since the GPU is not currently part of the plans, that removes the other natural low point for draining. 

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