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Doubling up XD5 Pump with LianLi Distro Plate


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Please help,

I have read a bunch of online forums about doubling pumps:

1. Some say its bad because more points of failure.
2. Some say its beneficial because of redundancy.

My question, before I make my new build is if the XD5 and the LianLi Distro Plate will work together. 
I know the Distro Plat is a DDC3.1 pump and the XD5 is a D5 pump. How do ya'll feel?

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those two models don't react to PWM the same at all. you'll have a lot of trouble matching flow between two different types of pumps.

I recently moved from D5 to DDC on the same pump/res. at the same speed i have like 30% more flow with the DDC.

IF the distro plate has a DDC, you really don't need to add a D5.. DDC has a better head pressure, you'll have better flow than with the D5 already.

If you are afraid about pump failures, just get a bare spare DDC to keep in the drawer 🙂but they are both very reliable. it's not an AIO pump 🙂


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Thank you!

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