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Export/Backup all profiles


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15 hours ago, DevBiker said:

It's actually done on install of a new version.

Look in %AppData%\Corsair\CUE Backup.

Thanks for this info good to know!

But this isn't ideal, if i create new profiles and we don't get an update for say a month i then lose out on the profiles made after last update. Yes i can manually grab from the iCue profiles folder to back them all up. But what about people that don't know how to explore the file system to find these things.

They should add an option to export all profiles at once.


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Well, you can always do the same thing yourself. Just go the %AppData%\Corsair\CUE4 and zip the entire folder. It's best to do it after iCUE is shut down though.

Yes, it'd be nice if iCUE did this ... but there are also often issues with opening a profile on a different version, especially if you are going from a newer version back to an older one.

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