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iCUE capping speeds?

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I have a water cooling loop that uses an XD5 pump and I recently drained and refilled it after not using my PC for over 6 months. It's awfully loud now, but my guess is because there is a lot of air in the system, so I'm trying all the usual tricks to bleed the system: rocking the system back and forth, turning it upside down for a few seconds every once in a while, and varying pump speeds. But I noticed a problem in iCUE where it wouldn't let the pump go past about 1750 RPM with some variance. I try to set it to 4000 and it just stays at around 1750 and won't go past that no matter what speed I pick. Turns out, this scenario applies to the 6 LL fans I have too, although the cap for those seems to be a little lower at around 1400-1450 RPM.

Some info that might be relevant:

I have noticed an oddity where the 5v voltage sensor in iCUE is staying at about 4.8v while the 12v and 3.3v sensors are always within +/- .03v of their expected voltages. I have no idea what this means.

I am running a y splitter in one of the PWM ports on the CoPro since I have a pump and 6 fans, can that be a problem?

I updated, among other things, my AMD chipset drivers, iCUE, and Windows to their latest versions, is there anything else I may need to update?

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. I can't find anything on this anywhere else.

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4.8v on the 5v rail is a fairly normal value. Set it all to full white and you might drop another tenth or two. Go to black and you’ll creep back to 4.97-5.0v. However, fan and pump speed are 12v controlled so there shouldn’t be a connection here. 

The splitter is fine unless it’s in the pump PWM control line. We all end using at least one in this situation. Any issue with the splitter would affect those two fans only and not the rest of the set. 

When you were cycling low-high-low and repeat on the pump, we’re you using fixed RPM? Or fixed PWM%?  Try the other one. I can’t thing of a reason for the pump to get caught at that lower speed in normal operation and you don’t need to do the cycling at a rapid pace where it doesn’t have time to reach the next speed before changing. 

Are you running any other monitoring programs that access the Commander Pro?  HWiNFO?  AIDA64?

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