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LL120 not working, Hub broken?

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Hey Guys,

Today my new Corsair 465x arrived together with an extra ll120 Fan for the Back and a lighting node pro. After i connected all the cables in the right positions to the integrated node Core and the Power supply cables of the Fans with my Motherboard i started the PC and was a Bit disappointed. Only the additional 120 Fan in the Back was lit Up. All Fans were spinning smoothly though. I rearranged the positions of the Fans in the hub and noted that of all 6 Ports only the one in the top right was working so that the Fans Light Up. In ICUE all Fans are detected though (btw Software is Up to Date✌️). I Heard that either the hub itself is broken or one of the 3 Front Fans is Not working. Or maybe i didnt understand Corsairs lighting concept and i have to Connect the node Core with my node pro, cause the Led Stripes perform perfectly ??? I don't really know to be clear. Whatever Would be cool If you could Help me Out Here 😁🤝

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How is the channel configured in iCUE?

Are the fan connected to ports 1-2-3-4 in order?

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