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Node Core and iCue issue with SP120/140 fans

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Hi, I have 2 x SP140 fans on my Corsair radiator and 3x SP120 fans on my case. All connected to ports 1 through 5 on the Node Core.


All the RGB on fans were working great with factory settings until I installed and run iCue. I selected I have 5x SP fans on the settings, and now only the 1st fan (on port 1) works and all 4 LEDs on it are fully white. Whatever I do, as long as I have SP selected, only the 1st lights up and it's all white.


Now, if I try a trick and lie by selecting that I have ML fans, let's say "6 ML fans", the first of the 3 of the SP fans will work. The other two don't work at all.


In the "Lighting Setup" page of the fans, if the first "ML" fan is red and the second "ML" fan is yellow, then the first real SP fan will have two LEDs light up: One red and one yellow - these are the opposite LEDs of the 4 of each fan. So if I select 6 "ML" fans, with colors: 1:Red, 2:Yellow, 3:Green, 4:Blue, 5:Pink, 6:White - then the first SP fan will be Red and Yellow, the second SP fan will be Green and Blue and the third SP fan will be Pink and White.

If I connect two real ML fans I have, these work normally with no issues.

In other words, it appears as if the SP control of iCue is broken or there is a firmware issue with the Node Core (v0.9.16). I tried two of them, one is now bricked as I try to reflash it with a firmware update to restore it to factory defaults as all the RGB worked prior to running iCue. So both Node Cores worked until iCue was involved.


Any thoughts?

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