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How to connect a lot of corsair fans

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This is my first pc build, this is the list of parts that i will use https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q8mtz7

I'm a little confused on how to connect all the fans, I have a Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB with with 3 fans included with a pack of 4 fans that's mean 7 fans. For connection I have lighting node pro come with fan package and lighting node core who come with the case. I don't know if I still need something (for power) and I don't know how to connect them together (should I connect the lighting node core with lighting pro!)

so to conclude, I have :

  • Seven fans
  • Lighting node pro

  • Lighting code core

The second point is that I'm thinking about to add Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX to my system and I don't know in this case, what I will need (same as before: how to connect them and power everything)

what mean :

  • ten fans

  • Lighting node pro

  • Lighting code core

  • commander core

PS: The Motherboard is Asus ROG STRIX B550-A GAMING

Could you please help me to understand how to connect and power all of the fans in both cases?

Thank you

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So it's the 3 SP-Elite from the case, 3 or 4(?) LL120s, and then potentially 3 ML-Elite from the H150i Elite?


The Elite AIO comes with a Commander Core lighting and fan speed controller.  You will want the radiator fans (ML-Elite) to be connected there for water temp speed control.  Since the SP-Elite from the case are an LED match (8 center mounted LEDs), you would keep those together on the RGB side of the Commander Core.  The LL multi-pack comes with a Lighting Node Pro RGB controller.  The LL fans will connect to this.  You will want to keep the ML-E fans on the radiator, but the SP-Elite do not have to stay on the front rail.  If you like them better on the side/MB wall space, they can go there.  Just keep in mind that each controller acts like it's own group, so an assigned lighting effect work for one device or RGB channel at a time, not all 9-10 fans.  6 fan is the most you can put on a RGB controller.


For speed control you should be all set as well.  There will be 6 PWM ports on the Commander Core.  Then you have a 6 port PWM repeater in the back of the case.  That can use 1 PWM port on the Com Core and act like a powered splitter for 3-6 fans.  It doesn't matter which fans you offload to the repeater, 3 radiator, front+side intake..  It really depends on user preference and layout, but you have capacity for 11 PWM fans without needing to use MB headers.  

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Thank you @c-attack for all the details 

I want to say first that I noticed that funs in AIO are not ML-Elite but ML RGB PRO (from what I can see on a website where I would like to buy it website )

i don't know if this will make a diffrence  ! 

If I well understood what you explained to me this diagram should be correct 


And I will use USB  2.0 to connect lighting node pro and commander core? in this cas i will have control over 6 fans (rgb and speed) and only rgb for the other 4 fans ! 

I want to know also if I could control all the fans RGB from ICUE software (node lighting and commander core will be detected, but separately so I should configure color... for each of them?!)

Please feel free for any other suggestion 

Thank you 🙂 



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One thing - the Lighting Node Pro will connect to an RGB Fan LED Hub. BUT ... you can use the Lighting Node Core in the place of a Fan Hub and LNP (though you will lose a channel).

And it is the 8 LED edition of the ML fans that @c-attack is referring to as "ML-Elite". Because the ML-PRO only have 4 LEDs; they were released some years ago. Don't even get me started on the naming for these things.

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