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K55 RGB Keyboard - Not recording Macros

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I am having an issue with my K55 RGB Keyboard.

Following the information on how to press and hold to record macros etc. I have managed to correctly set a macro on my G1 key. But now following the same process to set a macro for the following G2 key and it fails to record.

I hold the macro record "M" key until i get a slow flash of the white light. After this i am instructed to press the "G" key i wish to apply the macro to. When i now press the "G2" key, the speed of the flashing light does not change, just as if I have failed to select or depress the "G2" key. Furthermore, if i press any of the other G keys, the light still wont change to a rapidly blinking white light to indicate that it is recording the macro.

Even more confusing, if i press any other key on the keyboard, the light then starts flashing rapidly, as if recording of the macro has begun. If i then proceed to press the correct sequence of keys which I am trying to macro, and then end the recording by pressing the M key again to stop recording, and then press the G2 key which i was trying to macro, no macro has been recorded and i purely see "2" typed out.

The macro I have set to my G1 is still recorded and in place as i have originally set.

I'm wondering why, as I can set the first Macro, relatively easily, why i now cannot set any other macros?

I hope my above explanation is succinct and sufficient. If someone can help me out, i would be very grateful.

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Problem solved.

I was using the wrong hardware literature. I have the K55 RGB Pro. I was looking online at the K55 RGB instead of using the handbook i had right next to me. Like an idiot.

Just in case others have this same issue (Which they probably wont).

Follow these instructions.

Hold M = Slow Pulse

Type out Macro = (Slightly faster) Blink

When finished, press M again = Fast blink

Then press the G key which you wish to apply the macro to and there you go, all done 🙂

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