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Strafe RGB mk2 keyboard stays on during sleep

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Like I mentioned in the title my keyboard stays lit up when I put my PC in sleep mode, starting about a month ago. I've tried messing with settings and resetting the keyboard but nothing seems to work. I've included an image with current settings. I'm on W10.image.thumb.png.590a6065ea2797282f64100c17f8a92b.png

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Pretty sure from that Screen Shot that you are using Icue 3x.

The most recent Icue 3x is 3.38.61 | 03/15/2021

Unless there is a specific reason to stay on version 3 (personally I prefer the layout and functionality of 3x to the later 4x)

The most recent Icue 4x is 4.14.179 | 08/12/2021

From what I can see Icue 3x is only getting minimal updates now and mostly related to security fixes.... There's already a 5 month gap between releases. Working on the basis that, in general, all software improves over time it maybe a good idea to update to 4x.

To be on the safe side I always export my settings to a USB or Desktop so that if required they can be imported later.

Is your keyboard only staying lit up when your pc goes to sleep or is it preventing the pc from going to sleep?

The "defacto" troubleshooting steps will always be to make certain all your drivers and bios are upto date. Then check Windows is up to date.

Good luck with resolving the problem


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