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iCue with 6 fans and 1 XG7 waterblock, 6 port controller not enough?

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So if i want to upgrade my system with 6 iCue fans and an xg7 waterblock on a "new to me" 2080, does the waterblock reaquire an input from the 6 port controller? can i not piggyback 2 fans together to run 2 fans off one output from the controller? I see there is a 7th port on the controller, the 6ports are 4 pin and the 7th is a 3 pin, is that for some sort of communication channel cable?  is that optional? any help getting my plan for the 6 fans and an xg7 block all in sync would be great thanks!

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What controller is it that you have? Are you talking about an RGB Fan LED Hub? Which fans do you have? It's hard for us to help you without a bit more detail so we know what you have.

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