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iCUE H115i Cap . What should Coolant temp be? Is mine to hot?


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So im just wondering if my coolant temp is too hot.

The case ambient temp is "42c" using an external thermo placed near the cpu block which is near the gpu card.

Bare in mind i am taking these readings with the machine that has been on for hours and mining on a 3080 which contributes towards the high case ambient temp.

The fans are running at 75% speed.

I am just wondering, what should coolant ideally be, is the rule of thumb keep it lower than 40c or is it at 40c it is extremely hot. I am not sure if 40c is the entry point of being hot or if its at the higher end? 

Also any advice would be appreciated, ie should i have the fans spinning a little faster etc?

Do i need to worry if im getting 38-39 degrees for the coolant whilst mining etc. 

If i stop mining then the ambient temp drops to "28-30" and the coolant temp drops to "32c"

If i actually open the side panel of the case then the coolant drops by 3-4 degrees cel

Thanks in advance.



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Question for you: if you now your internal case temperature is so high, why are you pushing all that waste heat (from your GPU) through your radiator? Why don't you just flip the fans to intake to pull in cooler air from the outside?

As for the temps - considering the environment, they sound right. You have to look at the delta between ambient and the liquid temp. In your case, it's not much. So your fine in that aspect. And the cooler will be fine up to around 50C or so.

There are other things that you might want to do/be able to do to lower the internal case temp as well - usually by better management of case airflow fans. These should be based on the internal ambient temperature and, if you have the Capellix cooler, you'll have a temp sensor that you can use with the Commander Core for just that.

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Coolant temperature is the baseline CPU temp with zero volts.  So if your are running at ~40C coolant and the end CPU temps at load are still OK, then there isn't too much reason to be concerned.  Coolant temp and CPU temp have a 1=1 relationship, so knocking 5C off the coolant should reduce peak and avg CPU temps by 5C as well.  However, taking 5C off is not very easy.  A little bit more/less fan speed won't make a difference.  You need large fan speed differences to show change and you are probably running pretty high speeds already since the presets blast to max at 40C.  There is nothing overly special about that line and nothing happens at 41C coolant.  However, with a 40C minimum CPU temp, heavily loaded or overclocked CPUs can get within single digits of the throttle point or max CPU temp.  The 40C coolant is also a significant rise over the standard room environment of 20-23C.  That may not be something a lot of people can maintain in Summer and ultimately internal ambient temp is what matters.  If you toss the case in cabinet, you are just recycling exhaust heat.  Aside from the suggestions above, make sure there is also decent air movement around the case.  If you are running 24/7, a room fan to blow the case exhaust away a bit may help and sometimes it is easier to attack temp problems from the outside.  

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