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ICUE Cooling presets not working, cant change fan settings

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Hi guys, am new here, i have 2 problems wondering if any of you lot can help . 

Firstly. I have a corsair h115i capellix along with the obsidan 500 rgb case. Everything works fine in terms of technicality however, on icue ( latest version ) the preset profiles do not work at all. For example. If i select balance, extreme, or quiet, it does not adjust the settings to the fans and pump, on top of this even if i select them individually per item type , it still does not change ?

Secondly. I tried downloading these icue profiles, I import it and the lights etc does not change

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What happens if you choose a custom fan curve? Or set to a specific RPM? And what temperature is your cooler currently showing?

As for the profiles - that's really hard to say and it depends on how the profile was made. If you downloaded some random profile from Reddit or wherever, it may not work if you don't have the same devices as the profile author. Also, there are times when older profiles, built against earlier versions of iCUE, simply won't work. But we don't have anywhere near enough information to answer this with anything less than a SWAG.

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