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HELP! Corsair h100i Capellix/Fans Staying lit on SHUT DOWN/SLEEP

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I recently upgraded my PSU from a 650w EVGA to 750w and purchased an RTX 3080 FE. After installing both I noticed that when I shut my computer down or put it into sleep mode it leaves my fans running (6 SP120 RGB fans synched through iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX) with the RGB reverting back to stock rainbow wave. This never happened before and my PC would be quiet and all lights would turn off. I have a 4000X case as well, and Vengeance Pro RGB Ram.

I have a profile with all blacked out lights for when I don't want my RGB on, and usually this would help by turning my RAM off at night while I slept, and it still works for the RAM but not the fans/RGB of the fans. Please help as my PC is in my room and the fans have been running the past few nights and it is annoying to sleep with.

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For the lights, you can set Hardware Lighting mode on the controller. That will turn them off.

As for the continuing to run ... that's your PSU. It's continuing to provide power to the SATA connector so the pump and fans will run, even if it's not getting a control signal from iCUE (which it won't be). The only thing that you could potentially do here is to set a fan curve that, below a certain temperature, the fans stop. Set the temp low enough that it'll trigger when the system sleeps.

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