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Understanding what I need for RGB Control


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So I want to add 3 EKWB RGB to my current setup. I know this requires custom cables and that's not exactly what I want to discuss.

My current setup is as follows.

6 ML RGB Fans, Commander Pro, RGB Hub, Lightning Node Pro

I am assuming I need another RGB Hub, but I'm not sure how to connect everything. I'm at work so this is me guessing at how I currently have it wired.

RGB Hub -> LNP -> CMD Pro

I have found the overall thread/guide, but I'm not sure how to go about the wiring portion.

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the rgb hub is a RGB fan hub. it only takes the corsair 4 pin RGB there is on fans.

any standard ARGB device will go directly to a RGB channel on the Commander Pro or lighting node pro with a 3rd party adapters.

In your case since yo have 6 ML fans, just one RGB fan led Hub is required.

That takes one RGB channel out of the 4 you have available, so you have 3 remaining for your 3 EK RGB.

You didn't say though what those 3 devices were. if they are fans you could have them all play the same effects using a splitter and connecting them to a single Corsair RGB output. Vardar fans are not daisy-chainable, so they are controlled individually (one per channel) or in parallel (on one channel with splitter), not in chain.

For waterblocks, reservoirs etc, since they all are different LED counts it's better to keep them on separate channels.

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