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help setting a macro for key press toggle?


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is there a way in the icue program i can set up a g key to toggle a keyboard key press?

example: so on diablo 2, u press and hold down alt key to show the names of loot on the ground.

i want to make a macro key for when i press it till keep that alt key held down until i press the macro key ago to release it.

i been trying to find out how but cant seem do do it without messing sht up lol

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This should be relatively straight forward.  Create a new "key assignment" (CUE 4) or Action (CUE 3).  Use the Remap section, "keyboard" and select the ALT key (either one) from the diagram.  Then assign it to any of the G keys (or any other key) from the KB picture above.  The trick is in the Advanced Tab.  Turn on "imitate holding key" and then change the newly created drop box to "toggle".  That should give you the easy on/off functionality in game.  

Screenshot (74).png

Screenshot (75).png

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I hadn’t discovered the "imitate holding key" feature, although I thought it should exist. (It never occurred to me it would be associated with, and limited to, key remapping, which isn’t something I've needed to do.) So, thank you for that clue.

Any thoughts about how "imitate holding key" could be used in conjunction with a macro (pair)?

Details: I created a pair of macros (the first macro triggers the second via the "Second Assignment" feature) which automate selecting a game item, waiting for it to be equipped (item originally in my hands is put away, desired item is retrieved and appears in my hands, ready for use), then holding-down the right mouse button to use the item for as long as needed. When the macro’s key is released, the second macro is triggered, releasing the right mouse button, automating waiting for the used item to return to its ready-for-use position in my hands, then hitting the game’s "swap items" key to re-equip whatever I was originally holding.

Thus, the macro pair accomplishes something similar to "imitate holding key", but it only works when the macros are paired as described, and the macro activation key is manually held-down the whole time ... and holding-down that key (on the side of a "Scimitar RGB Elite" mouse) is wearing-out my right thumb.


If the same actions can be automated while utilizing the "imitate holding key" feature--so I can press the key once to use the item (first macro), and once more to cease using the item (second macro)--I’d have a much happier thumb.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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