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Tuning Audio Lighting with an LS100 Starter Kit

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Hi, I installed the LS100 Starter Kit and I am very impressed with the customization presets.

I was worried that applying the light strips to the monitor wouldn't be reliable and while that is somewhat true for the side strips, the heavier long chains fit in nicely if you consider where the weight will fall.


I have a question though for the Audio Lighting Layer. Alone or with other layers (on top of all the layers), I can never get the edge section of the light strips to record sounds. I would like to ask is there a way to customize this through iCUE directly. I noticed that this also depends on the volume of the outputting software.



How can I tell iCUE to make the audio visualizer layer to be more sensitive to output sound?



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As you've noted, it's based on the output volume from the app. So crank up the output volume in the app and control the output volume from Windows.

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At maximum it's still not enough. I could boost it through Windows but that opens other issues. I am talking about Spotify which is not an uncommon app. As a general recommendation, it would be better to base the visualizer on frequencies and not on volume level.

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