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LL Fans no longer light up

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Hello all,

I updated to version 4.14.179 of the iCUE software yesterday and since then 4 of my 6 LL fans no longer light up. They are connected to the Lighting Node Pro and worked perfectly fine with version 3 of ICUE.

I tried a clean install from this page:


but its made no difference, what did shock me though is that when i reinstalled the software it went back to my previous profiles, which in essence means that the clean install was not actually clean. I've constant issues with the iCUE until the final release of V3. Now half my lightinh no longer works and i can't downgrade back to v 3 cause it does the same thing.

I know people have had issues with other lighting not working but can't see any posts that related to the issue i'm having.
I'm sure there is someone out there that is more intelligent than me and could point me in the right direction for a fix.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Have you checked to make sure that your lighting channels are configured properly?

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CUE 3 and CUE 4 are saved in slightly different locations and part of CUE 4's new operations is it backs up or otherwise does not overwrite the previous data like CUE 3.  So that part of the behavior is normal unless you physically go in and clean out of every trace.  I am not sure the clean install is necessary for a resolution, so I wouldn't stress this part of the trouble shooting yet.


Hardware Mode vs Software Mode ->  When you quit the CUE app or any other time its not running you are in hardware mode.  If you have fans out on boot, shutdown, or when CUE is not running, it's probably not a software problem and we need to look at something else.  Make sure you have designated the Lighting Set-up as LL x 6 for whichever LNP channel is controlling them.  That can affect the fans in both modes.  


If all fans lighting up in hardware mode but then some blink out in software mode, then that is likely a software problem.   Once again incorrect lighting set-up will cause problems here, but in CUE 4 click on the Rainbow, Blue, or Yellow "scenes" in the left margin.  This will go over the top of any existing settings.  If you have lights out here, then it may be you do have some sort of config problem in the data and you need to do a real clean install.


For everyone generally, at this point you may be better off exporting all your precious CUE 3 profiles before moving to CUE 4.  Then wipe it out, clean install CUE 4, and import the old profiles.  There are a lot of lighting configuration complexities in play now with the new universal lighting library.  

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Thanks chaps. Yes i have checked the lighting setup. its set to the correct channel and the correct fan type and also the correct amount.
What's strange is that nothing on the hardware side has changed. It just stopped working after the upgrade. Did the same thing even after the downgrade back to version 3.

Hardware lighting doesnt work at all. The 2 fans show up and sometimes dont even change when I set them up for either hardware/software lighting. The othger4 just dont light up all.

Surely if they worked before the upgrade it must be a software and not a hardware issue.

all my other lighting works fine. I have a full compliment of corsair hardware and everything works fine, its just 4 fans connected to the LNP. 

its just all sorts of messed up.

@C-Attack, what would you constitute a full clean install? I followed the above link and deleted the folders and reg entries but it doesn't seem to have any difference. I refuse to flatten my machine for one silly issue with only one piece of software.



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If you manually deleted the Corsair folders in both the App Data/Local and App data/Roaming folders previously, then I don't see the need to clean install again -- at least not yet.  


While I would not automatically predict it to be a hardware problem, it's not impossible.  If one LED in the fan chain decides to go, that usually takes out everything after it in series and can cause strange behavior in general.  What happens if you move the RGB Lighting Hub from Ch 1 -> Ch 2 on the LNP and redesignate the Lighting Set-up for Ch 2?


After that, I would probably check each fan individually, starting with the ones in the 1 and 2 positions.  We might be making too much out of an ordinary problem.  

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thank you. i did think about swapping the channels. I'll give it a go over the weekend and see how it goes.

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