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Help! Remapping Keys

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I tried to remap the "KPDelete" key on the Numeric Keypad to act as a Shift key, however once remapped, KPDelete will only capitalize the first letter when held down (example: Ffffff), rather than all letters as normal Shift keys do (example: FFFFFF). The consequence in gaming is when crouching, or performing whatever else that requires holding down Shift, the keyboard only registers a single input of the Shift key, rather than me holding it down until released.

Is there a setting in Corsair's iCUE software that would allow a key to function as a Shift key does when being held down? (And I'm not asking about a toggle—the key needs to press, HOLD, and release when I do).

Thank you!

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The moment you press another button on the keyboard the macro will stop to execute even if you are holding the macro'd button down. Unfortunately there is no work around for this.

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Are you using CUE 4?  Or still CUE 3?


In CUE 4, create a new key assignment using the "keyboard' function and create a remap.  I used right shift as the re-assigned key, then designated Num Pad Enter as the new shift on the larger keyboard picture above.  This allowed me to do multiple inputs of FFFFFFFF and then fffffffff when released.

Screenshot (49).png

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Yeah, macro improvements are one of under the under the hood changes in CUE 4. I still haven’t fully explored all the changes, but this was one of them and had come up before. 

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