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K95 Platinum RGB issues

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Hi suddenly out of the blue my K95 has started being a nightmare.

It would just turn the volume up to full randomly if the rocker was moved.

I reset it by holding escape plugging/unplugging etc.

Now it wont stay on hardware lighting when the pc is not in use, gives save errors etc, wont let any profiles be stored saying multiple errors like the device is not there and keeps starting with 2 profiles with wierd symdols in the savce slots.

One error message is device is no longer detected or there was an issue with saving to the onboard storage, others are too quick to read.

Please help

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I would do a soft reset first, then force load the firmware if that does not work (check for update, "no new version", then force update).  If neither of those work, contact Corsair Support from the link in the top right corner of this page.  Possible hardware problem at that point, so you might as well talk to the people who can remedy that for you.  



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