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Help with the Trick please

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Let me list what I have.


Asus Maximus XIII Hero

10 QL120s

2 Corsair RAM Sticks

5 led lighting strips

Commander Pro

RGB Lighting Node 

The lightning node that comes with the h150i


Scenes work fine and lights everything up in rotation.  What is the trick in downloading Profiles and getting any profile to light everything up?  Sometimes a profile will light up some of the lights but not all.  The strange thing being, the ASUS Motherboard never has a problem with downloaded profiles.  I know there has to be some simple something I am missing.  I say this because scenes work just fine which means there is something I am missing with profiles.


Thanks in advance

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In order for a community profile to work it must be programmed for each and every device in all possible combinations -- or at least exactly what you have.  This makes sharing profiles very difficult and those that are put out there take a tremendous amount of work to be made viable for all hardware.  Some devices like keyboards are easier because they share a common pattern (key layout), but fans, strips, and custom water cooling stuff is forever tied to the exact number of LEDs on each unit.  If you and I had identical hardware except I have 10 ML-RGB fans instead of QL, your import of my profile would light up on all devices, but the fans would only show the first 24 LEDs on one controller (6 fans x 4 LEDs on ML) and 16 LEDs (4 x 4 LEDs) on the other.


So the answer likely lies in where you got your profile from.  Random person on Reddit means nothing is going to work exactly right unless you share a lot of exact hardware matches.  There are a couple of people who know what they are doing and do spend the time to create multi-device capable profiles and usually mark their work as such.  The Corsair profiles on their page should mostly work, but many are 6-9 months old since publishing and that means any new hardware will come up blank.  I am going to assume your H150i is actually a H150i Elite.  That is one of the new pieces of gear and not likely coded in most Corsair profiles.  Older H150i Pro or XT should show on the pump LED.  If Elite AIO, the Commander Core did not exist and so any RGB fans connected to it also are likely to come up blank.  Strips should work for most things, along with the RAM.  RGB fans connected to the Commander Pro RGB channels (via RGB Lighting Hub) should also work.  Motherboards all get treated the same with a very basic lighting layout, hence most will show something.

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c-attack, I figure it out.  After reading your post I realized you are right, we all have different set-ups.  So, download the profile and save what is working to your lighting library.  Then just click on your other pieces and move that file from the lighting library to that fan, strip or motherboard and it works!  I knew there was some type of trick.  Very easy.

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Scenes are like the old “instant lighting” from CUE 3. It is a color blanket on top of an existing profile and will override all current lighting settings. It may be useful for people who have several task specific CUE profiles like a MS Word profile, Excel, Adobe, or anything they jump in and out of of, but you’re just feeling blue today and the Corsair One Blue scene will be persistent through the profile shifts while still allowing other profile specific settings to operate as you hop around. Ironically I use it most often as a blackout button (static black scene) for the entire system, like on long overnight downloads. 

Yes, as of cue 4.10 the lighting library is now global. Before a keyboard lighting pattern could not be transferred to a set of fans or vice versa.  In fact it is possible this change is what is causing you trouble with the older profiles, but it is necessary to move forward. Strips and fans are pretty easy to swap without any necessary changes. Some KB lighting elements will have substantially different speeds and tails because of the wide key LED layout, but that can be tweaked after transfer. Not in play for you, but this is a common question and the changes relatively new. 

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