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Flow/temp/pump speed digital readouts


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Would app some help please.

I have a Corsair 1000d case and 24 ll fans, plus 2 commander pros plus various nodes and rgb hubs all corsair.(came with all the fans). And Corsair Hydro X XG7 RGB GeForce RTX 2080 Graphics Card Water Block(with its little flow spinning thing)

Due to cases not having dvd drive slots anymore im having to sell my Aquaero xt 5 fan/temp bay screen.

I really need flow/temp/pump speed readouts,but everywhere online its one or the other.

I just saw this Aqua Computer Durchflusssensor high flow NEXT, OLED, 2x G1/4, RGBpx and wondered if this could be used in my set up and how to connect it all using the above corsair or any other means to get it to work.


Any help would be app.


Thank you




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as far as i know, iCUE just doesn't support (yet) flow sensors. the high flow next can output a speed pulse to a fan port, but you'll have to calculate yourself what the reported speed means in terms of flow, since iCUE will only show "RPM".

You can still use it with the LCD screen as a visual readout of the flow but it's a bit gimmicky if you cant use it for control.

I'm afraid if you really want to go to town with the loop control, there's no other option besides Aquasuite, and maybe adding an aquaero 6LT or an Octo to connect the flow sensor, temp sensors and control all the fans and pump(s). If you ever played with virtual sensors, you know what you could do with all those hardware sensors. 

iCUE could take care of the RGB side of things in parallel.

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Thankyou LeDoyen for your response

So i can not use the Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 PRO in my corsair 100d as there are no bay spaces any more in 99 percent of all new cases.so would have to sell that,i still have my Aquasuite software licence.

so would i be able to use the aquaero 6 LT USB fan controller/or octo or both to fit the Aqua Computer Durchflusssensor high flow NEXT, OLED, 2x G1/4, RGBpx so i could get all my flow and temp readouts.

 my EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi res/pump has a 3 pin argb 5v connector and molex for power plus a 4pin motherboard header.(cpu).would this work with the aquaero 6 LT or octo..or would i be able to connect/run it through corsair hardware and icue software.

Not really bothered about the fans as corsair icue software will run these through the 2 commander pros. 6x rgb 6 way hubs and 6x lighting nodes.


Any info would be greatly app.

Thank you.


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Ah i must have missed your message, i am active there too 😛

just the octo would do the trick. technically, you can have the high flow next connected to Aquasuite by USB, or directly to the Octo's flow sensor input to avoid playing with software sensors.

For temperature, it uses the same connectors as those on the commander pro, so you could plug it to either controller, but i'd rather connect it to the Octo since Aquasuite has more options for speed control than just one temperature sensor. One thing you could do is connect a second temperature sensor and leave it dangling off the bottom of the case out of view, to get an ambient temperature reading, then create a virtual sensor to have the temperature delta between water and ambient (T°water - T°ambient), and control your fan speed based on that.

It effectively makes a fan curve that adapts to your room temp, to avoid havin the fans blasting at high speed in summer... The fans will only ramp up when the water warms up because of load, and not because the room is warm. Automatic adjustment all year long if you want.

Then you can toss all those sensors in a dashboard and have all the controls in one place.

For the FLT reservoir RGB, there are adaptors you can buy from Piratedogtech to connect it to Corsair RGB outputs. 


Since it's 20 LEDs, you can set it in iCUE as two corsair strips and it will work fine. It can be connected to the Octo too, but it makes more sense to control all the ARGB in one place. Otherwise, you'll need a small adapter from RGBpx to standard ARGB.


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You are a god, thank you for your help its much app.

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LeDoyen, since you are knowledgeable about this I wonder if I can ask you my questions about the Flow Next.  I am planning my custom loop and would like to add a Flow Next but want to make sure that I can properly connect to it (without having to buy additional items).  My only worry about the Flow Next is it seems some people end up with really noisy ones but perhaps they are fixing that in the next batch.

From reading the Flow Next manual and website description it has cable connections for RGB, temperature and for signal connections which can send either the flow signal or a RPM signal like a fan connection (with 1000 rpm meaning meaning 100 l/hr).  Can I connect the RGB to a Commander Pro and control it?  Can I connect the fan signal cable to a Commander Pro and read it in iCue like a regular fan?

Alternatively, my motherboard (ASUS Crossfire VIII Dark Hero) has of course RGB and USB headers but in addition has specific liquid cooling headers for both water temperature (one for in and one for out) and one for pump flow.  Could I connect the Flow Next RGB to the motherboard?  And could I connect the Flow Next flow signal to the motherboard pump flow header and read it that way?

Sorry for all the questions but I have not built a new computer for about 8 years and all this new connectivity is completely foreign to me.


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about the RGB from what i see it has an integrated controller with an additional output channel to control up to 90 leds (like a farbwerk nano i presume).

No other RGB input so it will have to be controlled by Aquasuite.

the signal cable well, they said you could connect to a fan controller to read the flow so yes you can connect it to the copro 🙂 But it seems they don't give the same cables as the High flow 2 i use. You may need to get this, to connect it to the CoPro : https://shop.aquacomputer.de/product_info.php?products_id=4045

The asus connector seems to be compatible too. the flow next connects only ground and signal, which is all it needs.

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