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iCUE 4000X RGB case - how to get iCUE software to recognise built in 3 x SP120 RGB fans + 3 x LL120 RGB fans


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Hi all,

I'm confused. I've read posts saying you cannot mix different types of RGB fans but also people that do and it works. So this is what I want to know:

I have a iCUE 4000X RGB case and it comes with 3 x SP120 fans with the included iCUE Lighting Node CORE. I want to buy the triple pack LL120 RGB fans to place on top of the case as exhaust. The pack will come with a separate RGB Lighting Hub and CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO. Along with the included iCUE Lighting Node, the question is do I have everything to get the iCUE software to recognise all 6 fans so RGB works? 

If so, how do I connect them? 

If no, what else do I need to purchase?


Many thanks in advance.




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First, you'll have everything that you need. You don't need to purchase anything else.

That said, you also have many options. But ... there's two main options that you will probably want to consider.

1) Put all of the fans on the same channel. This will work - in that all the fans will light up. However, iCUE will only allow you to configure the channel as a single fan type. In your case, you'd have to configure it as LL fans. In iCUE, each of the LL fans would correspond to 2 of the SP120 Pro fans. It'll work ... but it can be confusing. You can use either the Lighting Node Pro + Fan Hub combo that comes with the LL fans or the Lighting Node Core that comes with the case.

2) Do it the supported way - different channels. iCUE likes this better - each fan on a separate channel. The LL fans will come with a Lighting Node Pro and RGB Fan LED Hub. So use that for your LL fans. Use the included Lighting Node Core for the SP Pro fans. Then you also have a single channel on the Lighting Node Pro available for more RGB.

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Thanks very much DevBiker for clearing things up. From what I've read, I assume the first option is to do with counting the number of LEDs on the fans? Which in my case I would select 5 x LL fans in iCUE?

As I have the Lighting Node Pro and RGB Fan LED Hub I will go for the 2nd option 👍👍👍🙏


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The CX750F RGB PSU is configured as an 8-LED Fan so you can put it on the same channel as your SP-PRO fans.

And yes, it'd be 5 LL fans that you'd configure for this. But option #2 will probably work better for you.

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