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iCue Software is Broken, you know it, we know it, admit it and fix it

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So here it is guys at Corsair, stop with the run around and nonsense. Don't ask what version, don't ask what model mouse, etc. None of that matters. I've searched the web on my issue and found so many people with all different models and versions. The issue is in the core of either the iCue software or an embedded memory chip on the mice. Here's the deal:

Every once in a while at no particular interval (sometimes a month, sometimes a few months, sometimes a week) the mouse will just forget everything it was programmed. Fine, I saved the config and I can just re import it. Unfortunately that does not fix the issue. Once it forgets it forgets for good. The only reliable fix I have found is completely uninstalling the software and reinstalling it. From my searches this is pretty much everyone's experience.

- I am currently using the latest version of iCue but the issue started back over a year ago with the previous major version number and continued throughout all the updates in between. 

- I'm using the Nightsword RGB mouse and I have updated the firmware

- I'm on Windows 10 21h1 on one system, 1909 on another, and 20h2 on another - issues happens on all 3 systems and they are very different. All patched to the latest version.

- I've tried both onboard settings and software stored, still had the problem.

So my ask to you from a developer myself and Windows Engineer for a 100,000+ seat company, take this to the developers and tell them to fix it. Its been around long enough and impacting enough people I know you know about it. Denying it will only result in loss of customers and I really like your products. Please fix it.

...btw your site login and signup is a bit flakey on Chrome, works fine in Edge. More people use Chrome than edge.... do what you will with that info.

I hope this results in some sort of response from Corsair and helps the situation.

Thanks for your time


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I've had no issues at all with Chrome, FireFox, Edge, or Brave and the forum login. The support login is a different story but I digress.

Perhaps you can record the network traffic using the debug tools and see if there's something weird going on there. You can even pack that up and send it to @Technobeard so that he can maybe take a look at it, see what's going on, and possibly fix it if it's an issue that is larger than the current sample size of one.

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Using Brave, Firefox and chrome myself, no problems at all..

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