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Lighting node pro problems?!

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Hi everyone hopping that someone can help me.

Got 6 ll120 and the last 1/2 Leds are not lightning up I have tried the last 3 on the Hub and they all light up the problem is when I populate the hub with all the fans. I have tried to roll back the firmware and updated again all seemed to work, changed profile bum the same problem again. I have tried Icue4 and 3 and no sucess. Anyone had the same problem?!  

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The fan LEDs are serial, so if there is a bad LED on fan #2, position 4, the lighting usually stops right there.  The proper test is to try each fan in slot #1 to see if there is more than one bad fan.  That seems unlikely based on your description, but better to do this all at once.  If you have the bad fan in the last slot, only it's last half should be out.  That is the best you can do for the moment.  Contact Corsair Support to set up a replacement.  This is not a firmware issue.

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Thank you for your help I think I have found de problem one of the fan isn't working properly! Actually one of the fans as a mind of is own sometimes part of the outer ring work sometimes it doesn't. If I leave the the "faulty" fan as 6th on the hub everything work for a moment but then freezes and if I change profile keeps the colours of the other profile. Very strange never seen this...


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