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K70 RGB MK.2 hardware lightning not working and profile corrupted

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I cant get hardware lightning to work if i say like i make a static color on the keybord its lightning up while running icue. But when i exit icue all keylights go out and when i re-enter icue it says that the profile is corrupted. The only way to fix is clearing it or deleting the hardware profile i made myself.

Already tried to soft reset the keybord doesnt matter i only get the pre-installed hardware lightning profiles to work the rainbows and stuff but i dont like it, i want my own profiles for hardware lightning while not running icue is that even possible ?

Besides that the keybord is working great while icue is running. But when i close icue, hardware lightning wil not work when i make my own color for it simple as that. Already tried reinstalling icue doesnt matter.

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