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Hello guys, I'm new in this amazing pc world, I'm trying to build my first pc and I already had some problems in my way and I need your help.

Someone knows if I can install the kraken x73 rgb in the top of my corsair 5000D airflow? I'm using a mobo msi b550 gaming carbon wifi.

Last time I tried to put the kraken x62 in the top of my corsair 4000D airflow but the cooling system was hitting my mobo and the ram, that's the reason I changed for the 5000D but I'm still worry. (Because I'm waiting for the new case)

If someone can help me and let me know I will be super happy and grateful 🙏 

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Hey Macastan, the picture below is the 5000D with a H150i Elite Capellix installed on the top.
The combined thickness of the H150i radiator and fan is 52mm; based on the specifications from NZXT, the combined thickness of the X73 is 55mm.

It will be tight, but it should clear the motherboard heat sinks.

5000D AIRFLOW Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Case — Black

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