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Virtuoso Mic Issues

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I just got the virtuoso headset and haven't even been using it for a week. Today I was playing games with friends and the mic was fine but we stopped so i unplugged the mic, when I then plugged it in later it all of a sudden started freaking out. It would act like the button is being pressed when it isn't, would switch from mic on to off and feedback on and off rapidly, glow tons of colors, and then it came down the issue of if I have the mic in at all the headset just shuts itself on and refuses to turn back on for longer than 5 seconds most times. Also yesi made sure it was charged and even plugged in and did firmware and all the stuff, the mic just keeps bugging out.

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Welcome to the forum first of all :classic_cool:


Do you have other Corsair stuff connected to your PC? If so, does other things disconnect and connect randomly?

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