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Virtuoso headset battery is always critically low

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The battery charge indicator is always rapidly blinking red, and the iCUE software shows that the battery is always in a critically low state. However, in reality the headset is charging, since I can use it in this state wirelessly for plenty of hours, I just can't tell what level of charge it has. Also wirelessly the RGB lights on the side turn off.

I have tried various methods, such as: clean installing iCUE, resetting the headset, updating bios, tried to force update the firmware, couldn't because the option is greyed out.
I even registered a ticket with support, even sent in the headset for them to fix, however after I got it back it still has the same issue. And I haven't gotten an answer back from support for a couple of days now.

I presume that the issue is either on my end, or Corsair did a very bad job at fixing my headset. Is there any other method that could help here?

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Hi dethor,

Please note we don't repair headsets and send them back out -- it looks like you were sent a replacement that, very unfortunately, had a similar problem which we're very sorry to hear about and of course will help you resolve. 

It does look like one of our support agents is assisting you at this point. We apologize for any delays experienced in ticket response time currently due to high request volumes. 


Thank you.

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