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ICUE 4 LED node dissapears and program crash

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i built my pc over a month ago. its my first one. today i was looking into changing my fan LED's with the ICUE 4 software. i also use this software for my K70 keyboard, nightsword mouse, RAM sticks, NEXUS,... all of the sudden the program doesnt respond and shuts down. the NEXUS with it and everything else that is controled by ICUE loses the settings that i programmed with the software. if i open the program now i see the LED node function is gone (so i wouldn't know where to alter my fan settings) and the program just crahes. i uninstalled the software and installed it again with the same result. please help.

greetz, Fred

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  • Corsair Employees

If iCUE is crashing on launch you most likely have an older incompatible software installed that is conflicting. Please refer to the link below.



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