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KVM Switch Recommendations?

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I have my home Corsair rig and a "work" laptop that I use with two monitors, Corsair RGB Keyboard and Mouse, and a Logitech Webcam. I'm sure there are numerous others in the same boat.  I'm looking for recommendations for a KVM switch that people love without breaking the bank.  The current model I use is the TESmart DisplayPort + HDMI Dual Monitor KVM Switch 


It's pretty good, but the software is a bit glitchy, leaving the mouse jumpy and the keyboard non-responsive.  The fix, believe it or not, is to plug in a different keyboard and mouse.   Passthrough iCUE settings would be ideal, but I'm just looking for a dependable product. 

Recommendations please, and Corsair, if you are listening, PLEASE DEVELOP YOUR OWN KVM SWITCH!

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unfortunately, the official response has always been that corsair peripherals are not guaranteed to work with any KVM switch. Maybe this post will help but as they say, there's no guarantee it will be functional :



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