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Corsair RGB Fans not detected by Software

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Hello. I just got my new Corsair T220 RGB Case and I installed all my parts but the Software doesnt detect the USB Panel. It does have Power and all the Fans are connected to it. I also tried restarting the Software and reinstalling it. Any Idea why it isnt working ? 

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Woooow so useful thanks for all the answers xD

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You do realize that the vast majority of folks answering stuff here are volunteers that do this on their own time? You know that, right? A bump on your message is enough - the additional comment just serves to annoy the people that are here on their own time helping folks. If you require a response from Corsair directly, then fill out a support ticket. The forum is primarily user-to-user assistance and while Corsair does monitor it, it's not the official support channel.

As for your issue, it's actually pretty difficult to parse what you are saying as it doesn't make sense. What "USB Panel" are you talking about? Would that be the Lighting Node Core? What does your iCUE home screen look like? Have you configured the channel in iCUE?


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