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Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT - Slow POST

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I recently purchased the Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT and after installing the wireless receiver, it now takes my system approximately 5 minutes to POST.  So 5 minutes before even seeing the Windows splash screen.  With the wireless receiver removed, the POST time goes back to normal.  Thinking that it was a problem with the headset, I returned the first headset for a brand new one, but the new one exhibits the same behavior.  Thinking it was my PC, I tried the new headset in another PC and the same issue occurred where POST was dramatically slower than with the receiver removed.  I've tried different USB ports with no luck.

Anyone have any tips on getting the POST to flow normally with the receiver installed?

PC Specs:

Mobo:  Asus Maximus VII Impact

CPU:  Intel i7-4790k

Memory:  16G Corsair LPX

PSU:  Corsair SF650



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Hi Old-School,

Try updating your BIOS, chipset drivers, and most importantly, any USB drivers for your motherboard. The headset itself isn't sending or receiving instructions during POST in theory, so that might imply it's a motherboard issue -- I would troubleshoot along those lines to start. 

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