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Deleted Invoice.

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Hi Guys. I am not sure if i am in the right section or not. But i was wondering if anyone could advice me, I Bought a Elgato Facecam on release Date From Corsair Site, Paid for it all etc and recieved the item. But What i forgot to do was sign into my account and i paid as a guest. I got email of my invoice, The product i bought ect and i have deleted it out of my emails. I was wondering how do i go on...

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If you used guest checkout under the same email address as your mail order, it'll show up in your order history. If it was a different email address, you can create a login under that email address and it'll show up on your account within a day.

Otherwise, you'll have to contact support using the email address you used for the guest order and they'll be able to pull it up.

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