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7000x icue second front fan does not do LED.

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So i installed the Case yesterday and installed software today. 
However the middle front hub does not work. 
it does turn on and spin but does not do LED.

I have the assigned leds on the hub 1-2-3-4 and my Icue H115I Elite Capellix 5 and 6.

All collors work and are visable in the icue App BESIDES the #2. However it is spinning. 

tried to swapp arround a bit since i have 2 hubs i tried the ivue h115I one and the normal one. 

Is it broken then? 
Also how do i add the CPU? its the seonc slot. 

I have the Hub from the Case AND the hub from the h115I do i add them both? i'm so confused. 


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It sounds like the #2 fan is likely bad. There are a number of reasons that this could happen but your best bet is to open up a support ticket. It may take them some time to get to you but they do take care of you.

With the Elite Capellix, you'll absolutely need to use the Commander Core that comes with the cooler. So you may not need the Commander Core XT that comes with the 7000X. If you do wind up wanting/needing the Commander Core XT, you can connect the CoCoXT to the motherboard and then the CoCo Capellix to the XT's connector (From my in-progress FAQ:


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