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ICUE sofftware causing extreme coilwine when running and using h150i elite capellix

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With my msi z490 ace i have a really weird and loud coilwine when running icue if i disable the software [quit] the coilwine is gone anyone else have or has experience the same thing ? Its not coming from the AIO. i think its coming either from my vengeance pro rgb ram or from the motherboard itself close where the cpu is. But like i said if i close the icue software the coilwine is gone and everything is dead silent again no coil wine.

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I used to hear some when i had the Vengeance ram set to very bright colors or to white. the DRAM VRM was whining audibly (on Z390 at the time).

Try to play with brightness levels see if it changes the whine or not.

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Thx for the reply guys i think its coming from my mobo after changing to h150i elite capellix aio its not like super loud but it can be frustrating i noticed when i move my mouse while icue is closed i also hear a slight coil wine. Its similar as when icue is on but its not constant. I have a very silent pc i only hear the coilwine all my fans are spinning in between 480 500 rpm range.

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