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Newbie Question - Keyboard RGB on Login


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Hi all
I am new to the PC world after always having a PS4, I bought myself the following bits
K70 RGB Keyboard
Dark Core Pro Mouse
RGB Mouse mat
just looking for headphones.

my question is I have multiple login accounts and on the login screen my Mouse, Headphone stand, and mouse mat all light up but my keyboard doesn't. I am running windows 10 and cannot work out what is wrong, in iCUE I have multiple profiles and have a default one but still no luck can anyone help?

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Many CUE devices have 2 modes --  software mode when the CUE program is running and you are in the Windows environment and hardware mode when CUE is not running (boot, shutdown, BIOS, login screen, etc.).  However, the KB should be able to shuffle between it's 3 hardware profiles.  There is a profile button just above F2 (the left most of the 3).  This will cycle between the three default profiles saved to the KB (rainbow, rain, and one other preset).


All of your profiles in CUE are for software mode.  In order for a device to have hardware profiles, it must have internal storage and the limited space means the number and complexity of the effects are lower than software mode.  The mouse mat and headphone stand (ST100) do not have internal storage, so they go rainbow anytime CUE is not running.  Your KB and the mouse should have internal storage.  


Hopefully you have a K70 "MK.2" and not the K70 RGB from about 5 years ago.  I am not sure the older device can be saved to anymore.  You should have special profiles in CUE labeled "Dark Core Pro RGB HW1" and something like "K70 MK2 HW1-3" or similar for the KB.  These are the hardware save tools for both devices.  You go to the HW Lighting section, create the effect you want, then save it to the device from the Device panel.  You also can do the same from any software profile, although it is easier to remember where you've stashed the HW effects if you use the designated profiles.  There is a video below.  It is from CUE 3 and not CUE 4, but the process is the same.



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