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Keyboard Caps Lock delay


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I have a K95 RGB Platinum XT.  I am constantly hitting the Caps Lock key and it's really annoying.  I found a Thread where someone created a macro so that you have to hold the key down for xx ms to activate it.  THIS is what I want, but I tried to do it in iCue 4.13.223, and I only see a delay, not a sleep.  I would rather not completely disable the key, but I guess if it comes down to it, I would.  If anyone has any thoughts on how I can accomplish what I want, any help would be appreciated.  

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So you can do the following with the key set to "toggle" in the Advanced Tab.  That will allow you natural Caps Lock select and removal with a 1.5 sec delay. However, I am not sure if this will resolve your issue.  If you hit the key unintentionally in the normal course of business, it will still trigger the macro start.  Hitting it again within the 1.5 sec may cancel it or it may leave you in once of those obnoxious states where caps lock is enabled but light is out and vice versa.  I tinkered around with some other ideas about using shift as the macro action instead of Caps Lock, but this effectively makes the Caps Lock another shift key with a hold requirement.  At that point you would be better off disabling or remapping Caps Lock to be Left Shift.  You'll have to see what works best for you.  


Screenshot (50).png

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Thanks y'all!  I finally figured it out.  For anyone else who needs it....  

Go to key assignment and add a macro.  Set the key to caps lock.  On Advanced, change the Action Trigger to "While Pressed".  Under Recording, add event > Delay Event > set how long you want to hold the key before activating (1000ms is 1 second)

Then add another event >Keyboard event> then add the CapsLock button.  I had to use the virtual keyboard to select it.  


That's it!  Now you have to hold down the Cap Lock button for xx amount of time to get it to activate!  I'm attaching screenshots of my settings.






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