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K70 RGB MK.2 - Custom lighting profile only works when "Hardware Lighting" is open

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The preset profiles that came with the keyboard + software (v4.13.226) work fine and can be sorted through using the profile button on the top-left of the keyboard, but when I use that method to arrive at my custom profile, the keyboard remains dark. Probably for the same reason, it also doesn't stay lit up on startup, though it will load the custom profile while the computer is booting, and will only go dark after loading Windows 10. This problem doesn't appear with Ubuntu.

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I have the exact same problem hardware lightning is busted with this keybord ? it indeed only workd when icue is running when u exit icue it either goes pitch black or if u have the profiles that comes along pre-installed with they keybord that only works. There is no way i can use a static color that stays on my k70 mk2 without leaving [closing] icue.

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