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AX1200i Power Failing (Red Light) RMA?

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When windows is idle, my PSU will randomly fail and shut down the PC, the only lights left on are the motherboard LED and the RED LED on the PSU. To get it back on again I have to remove all power and try again, it happens randomly, and the last time last night corrupted my windows boot partition and I had to format my PC.

I raised an RMA ticket for this 10 days ago and haven't had a reply yet, I checked and I'm just under a year left with the 10 year warranty on it which is great, but does anyone know if it's something I could fix since nobody is answering my ticket?





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  • Corsair Employees

I see an agent is already on your ticket and is asking for more information to continue with your request.

I have provided the agent with the proper information and further steps will be sent to you as soon as we have a solution.

edit - I have also merged your duplicate request created after the agent started helping you.  Please do not create any other requests as this will delay the process.

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