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Thermal throttling of CORSAIR ONE PRO a200 when mining ethereum

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Has anyone had success with getting the full 95MH/s hash rate out of the CORSAIR ONE PRO a200 for anything longer than a few second? It seems that the graphics card is thermal throttling, even with the iCUE fan profile set to extreme. I will see 95MH/s for a few seconds and then it will slowly creep down to about 70MH/s where it will stay. I’ve already applied the MSI Afterburner profile for optimal hash rates.

Did anyone have luck with opening their a200 up and applying thermal pads or some other supplementary cooling solution to the vram?

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I was able to solve the thermal throttling issue, but the fix was truly embarrassing for Corsair. I was able to improve thermals by taking a $15 fan from Walmart and pointing it at the case.

To my shock and horror, I found NO FANS blowing directly on the CPU radiator and only two tiny fans for the GPU radiator.

Why even sell a 5950x if you are going to make thermal throttling a FEATURE?

I will need to find a way to slide some ultra thin fans inside the case or possibly some laptop blowers.

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I've got same problem on game like CSGO that is CPU LIMITED usually with my TWO I64 !! it js not using that much the cpu. I tried other bigger et and recent and both BSOD AND hot SSD and HDD !!!!

can you check your temperature on HWINFO?

Also i have very bizzare Jump in temperature on ICUE, how can a CORE can go from 55degre to 80 in 1 or 2 second? just using 15%CPU !!!!!

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