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Too many temperatures sensors


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Hi everyone,

As you can see below, I have a loooooot of temp sensors, but I'd like to keep only 3 on the motherboard : incoming and outgoing temperature from outside the case and temp of the motherboard.

Can someone help me with which sensor is the one I want ?

I can't find some documentation about iCUE and temp sensors.

Thanks a lot


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There’s no way for us to know which ones are the actual sensors, but this is a common set of circumstances for an Asus board and CUE has trouble with the embedded controller. You get duplicates and junk data. You’ll need to take another program like HWiNFO or Asus’ own software (buried in Armory Crate now too) and match up the 3-4 legitimate values. It’s likely to be 1-4, but the order sometimes shuffles. You can delete the extraneous values using the drop down menu on each one. 

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