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Problem with LL120 fan.

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Hello, I am having problems with my LL120 fans, or fan. I have 3 LL120 fans in my pc, and one seems to not be cooperating. In iCUE I have all three fans set to white, but one is staying blue, if I plug it into another rgb port, nothing changes. I have everything plugged in correctly and I can't seem to find the issue. What I'm thinking is that I may have a faulty fan.

I've added two pictures (sorry for low quality) that show the fan, next to another fan, and the other shows my iCUE software set to all white.

Any suggestions?



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What happens with the misbehaving fan if you set it to Red or Green?

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So it stays blue when you set it to red or green? That definitely sounds like a bad fan.

And no, you don't need to quote me. 😉

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