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Void Elite USB has all kinds of audio problems.

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I recently bought (yesterday) the Void Elite headset, of course after looking at some reviews of the product that conviced me to actually get this model. I have always liked corsair, i think of it as one of if not the best company for gaming peripherals... In fact i'm using a Corsair keyboard and mouse and i have to say they are probably one of the best i have used so far. But i am sorry to say, that this headset, has so many problems that brings my overall review of corsair from 100 to 60 (yes it's this bad). I looked into reddit and posts on this forum of people having this same problems but none of the solutions worked, also it seems that not everybody is having this problems... And i also asked a friend who has the exact model as mine, and they get no problem at all. So, enought talk, let's get to the points and problems i have encountered.

As soon as i plugged them in, everything seemed fine, i installed the drivers, ICUE software detected them with no problem and i was looking around in the settings of the rgb lights and EQ. But, the important part is audio quality right? So i get on youtube to first try how it sounds with music, and i can say the Pure Direct setting was way too loud for me, i could hardly hear vocals cause of the bass volume. So i lowered bass frequencies and turned up high ones till i got to a point where the audio was, acceptable let's say. 

Let's get back to the music later. Now, the moment when i realized of the problem was when i tried gaming... And it was so obvious. To be precise, i tried it in grand theft auto 5 and R6 as i could have tested some gun sounds, car sounds, steps, explosions and all of that stuff. I left the EQ settings i used for music as i think it was the one that gave the headset a bit of a clean sound, but it still was bad to be honest. The first thing i notice, is this EXTREMELY tinny, muffled and metallic audio quality. To try and mimic what it sounds like, try covering your hears with your hands forming some kind of spoon and start talking, it will sound some kind of metallic... And very bad. I tried manipulating the EQ settings but literally no setting (i customized them) could get rid of that quality... I tried them all. I went online to look for solutions but other than finding very few posts about this problem, i found nothing that helped me. 

Problem number 2
As i was surfing the web looking for answers i noticed something... A very annoying static sounds comes up everytime some audio is played. I also looked around to find a solution to this problem but nothing.

Before you ask me to do something... Here are the things that i have already done and none of them fixed my problem.

- I have ICUE at the latest version
- I have forced a firmware update
- I have uninstalled realtek drivers
- I have changed USB port
- I have selected DVD quality from the device properties
- I have disabled Windows Spatial Audio

Any suggestion to fixing this problem is welcome, cause i really don't know what to do anymore. This headset costs around 80€, and i hate to say, the pair i was using before costed about 60€, it was for a company which name sounds like something you use to cut your beard and the model was: "something that looks like a giant octopus" (if you know what i mean) and the audio quality, was 800% times better... So, i'm really disappointed so far, and if i don't find any other solution, i mighy have to refound them and buy from another company and that makes me pretty sad cause after all these amazing products Corsair sold me, the online reviews and all of this stuff, i thought i was going for sure when buying these. Thank you for your time. 

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I have the same problem. Bought headset 3 months ago and mic was super soft soft kind of takes fun out of gaming when team can't hear me.

But now, there is just static when gaming or watching videos, maybe a faulty driver by Corsair.

Did you resolve the problem?

If I cant find a fix, I will, need to sell the headset and get a different brand.

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I'm really sorry... There is absolutely no fix. I also got in contact with Corsair support, they only told me to do those things i already mentioned i did that didn't work, and then, told me to replace the product. At that point, we can all agree that when this problem occurs... It is an hardware problem, so i got refounded, i don't think i'll buy anymore corsair headsets since there is really no product in the 100€ range other than some in the HS series but i don't really like the esthetics on those... There is the Virtuoso but that's like double the price and i don't feel like spending 200€ on a headset. Refound them if you still can, i hope you find a good headset.

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