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K70 / iCue Key Remapping Question / Comment


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I've just bought a K70 TKL and am having trouble setting up the macros in the iCue software.

I've had a search around but can't find any help with this, after watching tonnes of videos etc.

I want to map a Macros to a function or a modifier key... for example I want a Macro to be Fn+T or Ctrl+T instead of remapping the entire T key. This doesn't appear to be possible and I can't find any references to it. It will only let you remap to a single keypress. Other keyboards such as the Coolermaster Software appear to be able to do this. 

Am I missing something or is it just not possible? If it's possible Corsair / iCue is really missing a trick - to the point if it's not possible I'll consider returning the keyboard. 

Why would I want to replace the T key, when I could instead just map and Macro to FN+T or Alt+T?!?!

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I have had a bit of play around and found something even weirder in the software that seemed counter intuitive and almost opposite to what might be more helpful.

So holding down the FN key while pressing a remapped key also uses the remapped key. So if I remap A as Z it'll type Z if I press A or Fn+A.

If I set the remap to "retain original key output" and then press the A key it'll type "AZ". But if I press the Fn+A key it'll type Z alone. So it does do some register of the Fn key + other keys - but yet I can't map a macro to Fn+key

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