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For those who own Corsair One Gaming or Corsair One Pro Workstation, do either have no lights in the rear ports?


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I get headaches from peripheral lights for whatever reason (especially blinking ones), and I tried calling Corsair but they don't really know, so I thought it would be best to ask people who actually own the computers. 

I'm interesting in either the Corsair One Gaming PCs or the Corsair One Workstation PCs (either one fits what I need and is within my budget). It does not seem like the Corsair One has any lights in the front (other than the 2 strips that can be turned off). I did notice in a video review of the Corsair One Gaming PC that it had red/orange lights coming from the rear ethernet and USB ports. 

So, I wondered two things:
1. Do the new models also have that? And what about the Workstation version, I know it has a different motherboard so (for anyone who owns one) does it have any lights coming out the back?
2. Any other lights on either model, like internal lights shining through vents or drive activity lights?

I know it sounds pretty unimportant to most people, but it is a very frustrating issue for me so any help is greatly appreciated! (I know I can use electrical tape to cover any lights, but I'd rather not have to if possible, thanks!)

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  • Corsair Employee

Hello Nyr,

It does vary with which system you're choosing and what motherboard / platform their on.

For example, depending on the SKU, one i200 will have a z490 board while the other an x299 board.  The a200 uses a B550 motherboard.

I've reached out to some our validations team and they confirmed that all three boards do not have back light LEDs.  The a200/B550 does have it built in but it is disabled by default.  The only lighting on the back is the LAN port.

As for internal LEDs the x299 has an onboard debug LED but that turns off after your system fully boots up.

Were there any particular SKUs you wanted more information on?

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